Notice, conditions and accommodation rules

Notice and Conditions

Client/ordering party (further only „client“) is a person responsible for taking over premises and for possible sanctions related to breaking the accommodation rules listed above. Such person also provides this information to all persons sharing the accommodation on the premises.


Caretaker/accommodation provider (further only „caretaker“) is a responsible for handing over premises in appropriate conditions for use, for sharing required and clear information necessary for operation, especially those mentioned below.

The client confirms by paying total payment on the basis of provided data of the booking calendar that he agrees with the conditions for using the premises for accommodation as mentioned below, fully understood them and potential questions were answered in the understandable manner either by phone or electronically.

During the first day of the stay the introductory tour of the premises will be performed by the caretaker, where clients get familiar with accommodation rules and the rules of the premises use.

The total price for using the premises must be paid at the agreed amount on the first day of stay after signing the contract.

After the stay is finished, the final tour of the premises is performed in the presence of the client and the caretaker.


The client gives his consent to the caretaker to keep and process his personal data in line with GDPR, which became effective as of 25th May, 2018.

The caretaker is obliged not to provide personal data to third parties.

By paying of 100% amount client confirms, that they read carefully and they agree with the Notice and Conditions and they will follow them.


Accommodation price is:

  • 2 nights 14.000,-CZK / 570,- EURO for the whole building (8 beds + 2 extra beds)

Any extra day is for extra payment at the amount of 7.000,- CZK / 285,- EURO



The booking si valid at the moment of receiving the payment on the account of the owner of the premises.

Bank account number and the bank code:   5518968369/0800.

                                                                       CZ28 0800 0000 0055 1896 8369

Cancellation Conditions

The potential client has right to cancel his booking before arrival. The order can be cancelled only in written form and by a person, who made the booking. If the booking is canceled two week prior the arrival at latest, the reservation payment is refunded fully. If the booking is cancelled less than two week prior the arrival, the reservation payment is not refunded.

By paying of the 100% amount you confirm, that you read carefully and you agree with the Reservation and Cancellation conditions and you will follow them.

Accommodation Rules

Dear guests,

We would like to inform you about accommodation rules applied to all premises of our hotel.

  • After the arrival, guests show their valid identity card.
  • Guests use the premises only during the agreed time and leave it in perfect condition.
  • Parking is allowed onlyin front of the garage and the main entrance
  • On the premises, guests use indoor shoes while shoes used outside are to be left in the main entrance hall.
  • Without agreement with the owner it is not allowed to change the layout of the furniture (except chairs)
  • It is strictly forbiddento interfere in any way with electric or other network.
  • It is forbidden to use guest’s own electric appliances with exception of appliances used for personal hygiene, babysitting devices and laptops.
  • On all premisses smoking is strictly forbidden!!! Smoking is allowed only outside and cigarette butts must be placed into ashtrays, not to be disposed on the ground.
  • It is strictly forbidden to manipulate with the firein the building outside the fireplace and gas grill. Fireplace and grill are to be used with high care and at the time of usage it must be attended. Before leaving the premisses the user must make sure that the fireplace is closed and the gas inlet to the grill is closed as well. Prevent all risks of fire.
  • Guests make sure that ashes from the fireplace are disposed carefully into the metal container at the determined place.
  • Please, respect borders of private areas outside.
  • We ask our guests when leaving the premises to make sure that water is not running, lights are off and all windows are closed as well as the main door.
  • With the respect to others in the neighbourhood, please abide the quiet hours from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m.
  • The owner is responsible for the health of the guests.
  • Guest is responsible for his own safety and safety of his children, without right to claim compensation for health harm.
  • Guest is responsible for his valuables and jewels.
  • ONLY persons registered in the accommodation bookhave the right to use the premises!!!
  • In case of any device failure inform the owner/caretaker by phone.
  • Telephone:+420 604 548 750 / DK +45 61 69 52 56
  • Your comments and complaints can be sent to: info@bilahorastramberk.cz

Cleaning of the premises:

  • Guests hand over the premises in clean and tidy condition.
  • All necessary cleaning tools and detergents are available.
  • Guests make sure all garbage is disposed at the determined place.
  • Guests keep order and clean status on the premises as well as outside.

Enjoy your stay.